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Food that loves you back already says it all. We want to deliver products that are nourishing and loves your body as much as you love eating it. 

We plan on re-architecting the way food is thought about and how it is consumed. Food that not only treats your body well but treats the environment well by delivering sustainably and ethically sourced products. 

Affordable luxury is what we aim for by collaborating with small businesses to create luxuries that are accessible to everyone. Subscribe and follow to join us on our journey

About Me 

I left home at the age of 14 to pursue a career in modelling in Cape Town. Living in a model house I soon became aware of the complicated relationships some woman have with food. Shortly after this too become my reality, an unhealthy engagement with my body and food. 

While this continued for 10 years. I decided to face my demons by qualifying as a trainer, massage specialist and chef. It all changed after I focused on great nutrition, healthy habits and compassionate thoughts. I was able to recover from years of eating disorders. 

My passion is to help others struggling with the same negative relationship has become my passion. By starting with the best possible nutrition, I can help shape a foundation for women to change their habits, thoughts and relationship towards food. 

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