'O' IS FOR  O L E O C A N T H A L  & Olive oil 

Crafted in Franschhoek, these historic olive tree’s were planted just after WWII in 1947. Crushed Frantoio olives produce high-quality well-balanced olive oil with hints of artichoke, tropical fruit and ripe tomato. Take a big slurp of this olive oil, do you taste burn & pepperiness of the oil? What your tasting is a plant compound: oleocanthal. This is what makes this oil golden. Among its many benefits are high levels of antioxidants and vit E. It also reduces inflammation and risk for heart and brain associated diseases.


Served in 500ml glass bottles. Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Use within 6 months. 2020 harvest.


Enjoy with big green salads, roasted veg, fruity baked goods or savour with fresh bread.


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